Released : 26th March 2013 

In its annual report released this week, Pearson stresses the link between prosperity and corporate social responsibility with a focus on minimising the company’s environmental impact.

The report outlines plans for the future which include a continuation of the company climate neutral commitment and carbon reduction efforts in preparation for the introduction of mandatory GHG reporting by the UK government in 2014. Pearson is one of only two companies in the world to be accredited against the Carbon Trust Standard.

According to the report, Pearson also has a strong interest in forest conservation and is committed to a $1m, 3 year rainforest partnership in Columbia in addition to projects with the Woodland Trust in the UK, and the Nature Conservancy Council in the US. The security and sustainability of its supply chain is imperative to good business for Pearson, and the company has become increasingly frugal with how it uses paper.

The company is now the 32nd largest purchaser of renewable energy in the US and also uses solely green power for the purchasing of utilities across UK sites. Pearson recently came out top of the Bloomberg Corporate Renewable Energy Index achieving the maximum score of 100 per cent.

March 26th, 2013

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