Released 22nd April 2013

Today, is Earth Day. People, companies and countries across the globe will today be taking little steps to make a little difference to the environment. Ecodesk has several initiatives up its sleeve – but unsurprisingly – we actually do pretty damn good every day of the year!

For many companies Earth Day simply means walking in or cycling instead of driving or using public transport, but upon consideration of what today should mean to Ecodesk; we discovered that 100 per cent of our staff already does the above.

So each member instead tried to think of something innovative to do resulting in CSO Dr Nick Murry planting a tree in his back yard, Account Manager Amanda Von Almen donating unwanted clothes to charity as opposed to sending it to landfill, and Business Development Executive Ben Bland creating energy whilst doing his washing!

In addition to this, the staff are working by natural light only today, and have limited themselves to one cup of tea/coffee each (as we all know boiling the kettle uses a lot of energy).

If you have been up to something creative for Earth Day please let us know at

April 22nd, 2013

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