Released 21st June 2013

Despite the G8 talks in Lough Erne being dominated by tax and Syria, the leaders did have time to sign an open data charter and publish pledges on climate change.

Richard Gladhill, Head of Climate Change and Carbon Market Services at PwC commented:

“Though climate change didn’t make it to the main agenda in Lough Erne, Eclipsed by negotiations on Syria and on taxes, the G8 Communique issued at the conclusion of the summit includes a shopping list of important actions and pledges, as well as a sobering report card on the international negotiations… essentially: must try harder.” 

The G8 Communique issued at the conclusion of the summit, a shopping list of important actions and pledges [see picture].

The discussion around transparency and extractive industries may be used as a base point for a more in depth discussion surrounding the environment between the leaders in the run up to the UN Climate Summit in 2015.

The issues of environment, transparency and conflict minerals from extractive industries are all very much interlinked, and needed to be treated as so to find innovative solutions and drive development world-wide.

Laura Taylor, head of public policy at Tearfund said:

“It’s about time we saw global mandatory reporting for oil, gas and mining industries, for example, which is what point 5 seems to suggest but so far Japan and Russia haven’t committed to that. If this is their way of announcing that they’ll do it, it’s been a superb G8. If not, we’ve still got a long way to go.”

June 21st, 2013

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