Released 25th July 2013


Ecodesk, the world’s largest business and supply chain sustainability platform for non-financial information has struck enterprise deals with 18 companies in the past few weeks, who want to openly map their supply chain sustainability performance through the site. The deals follow Ecodesk’s transparency campaign which recently culminated in a Transparency for Growth initiative in conjunction with the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

The 18 companies are a mix of large and small businesses and include property management company Places for People and waste disposal specialist Acorn Waste Management, all of whom want to understand not just their primary supply base but also their secondary and if possible tertiary suppliers. Each company is now starting a process of asking their suppliers to register and upload sustainability data for free to Ecodesk.

As suppliers start to publish energy, carbon, water and waste information to their profile, they are automatically connected to the customer that made the initial request. Customers can then see, on their supply chain dashboard, which businesses have responded promptly, as well as view companies by sustainability data performance.

The 18 companies, which work across 11 industry sectors will initially target key suppliers – a combined supplier base of over 2,500 businesses – to understand key sustainability metrics. More suppliers will be approached in phases two and three.

“Sustainability data is not just a key measure of business responsibility and performance, it is an important indicator of a business’s ability to consistently deliver products and services with minimal risk,” said Robert Clarke, founder of Ecodesk.

“These companies have understood the role transparency can play in developing a clearer understanding of their supply chains. By using an open, profile-based approach to publishing sustainability information, they are also not imposing additional costs on their suppliers and swamping them with endless questionnaires. Once you have completed the profile, it’s your profile to share. It’s simple, saves time, money and yet is playing an increasingly fundamental role in making supply chains more open and transparent.”

Katy Mills, Group Head of Procurement at Places for People commented:
“As the Government has made a number of changes to the way social housing is funded, the industry as a whole is looking for different ways to reduce costs, as well as maintain and enhance efficiency and service quality. We have taken the decision to do this by looking into the supply chain. As a business we are extremely excited to be embarking on this project. Our procurement and sustainable development teams will be working with Ecodesk to ensure that suppliers are taking their environmental metrics seriously and utilising them as an opportunity to create cost savings and operational efficiencies.”

Neil Baldwin Operations Development Manager at Acorn Waste Management added:
“We have chosen Ecodesk because it provides a simple and cost effective way to report our data and track that of our suppliers and customers. The supply chain dashboard is a great tool, which will help us make informed procurement decisions to maximise efficiency and transparency. In our sector particularly sustainable business practice is a must, and Ecodesk provides a very visual way to communicate this to our customers and suppliers which in turn will help us create cost savings and gain new business. Ecodesk increases our credibility as an environmentally conscious and forward thinking business in an increasingly competitive market.”

The new enterprise subscribers to Ecodesk include Crosby Construction, Speedy Services, Ellis Paper Box Inc, E-foods, SITA UK, Obart Pumps, Places for People, UK Container Maintenance, Acorn Waste Management, Makita, Oakdene Hollins Ltd, Towerlight, HSS Hire, Birchwood Price Tools, Momentum, de Poel, Amicus Horizon and Hire Supply Company.

July 26th, 2013

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