AllerganNewEcodesk provides platform for independent sustainability auditing of global pharma firm

Global healthcare company Allergan wants its suppliers to publish their sustainability data as a metric for risk mitigation within its supply chain, to assist in improving and ensuring continuity of supply.

Allergan is a global health care company that manufactures products for a range of sectors including eye care, neurosciences, medical dermatology, medical aesthetics, obesity intervention and urologics. It’s a $5.7bn business employing 11,500 people across the globe and its supply chain is crucial to its on-going success.

“The key driver for auditing our supply chain is that we are concerned about interruption to our supply,” said Michael Whaley, Allergan’s Senior Director, Environmental Health & Safety and Administrative Services.

“Since the 90s supply chain interruption has been a key concern. We want to know how our suppliers deal with a range of internal and external issues, such as regulation, emissions and impacts on the local community.”

Independent audit

Allergan is using Ecodesk as a specialist independent sustainable supply chain platform through which it can measure and audit its supply chain. Suppliers create a profile on the site containing the data requested by Allergan – energy, carbon waste and water data – and these profiles then appear on Allergan’s supplier dashboard, which aggregates the data, helping Allergan identify key performers but also alerting it to potential problems and risk.

“We need to look at the actual emissions data and to work with those suppliers that show a willingness to progress their own sustainability, adds Michael. “Ecodesk is enabling us to do this, managing the process with our suppliers and then presenting the data in a way that is easy to use and analyse.”

Allergan has over 35,000 suppliers globally but it is initially concentrating on the top tier as part of a sustainability project that will see it develop a complete picture of its supply chain’s sustainability credentials based on energy, water and carbon emissions metrics.

“We want a solid relationship with suppliers, to enhance our reputation and to help us in managing the whole business today and in the future. The supply chain is crucial and understanding its sustainability is becoming increasingly essential if we are to build a strong, forward thinking business.”

Mark Plant, CEO at Ecodesk says that business continuity is one of the most important reasons for auditing supply chains for sustainability metrics.

“Allergan is one of the world’s most innovative businesses in understanding the impact sustainability is having on supply continuity,” says Mark. “By understanding energy, waste and water use, as well as carbon emissions, businesses can gain a real insight into their supply chains, enabling them to mitigate risk and identify potential efficiencies. Allergan’s drive to audit its supply chain and ensure continuity is a great example of a forward thinking organisation looking for smart suppliers with long terms goals. This is the way forward for all businesses that want to ensure they do not suffer disruption to their supply and to drive tighter and more efficient relationships with their suppliers.


January 13th, 2014

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