With a new responsible sourcing policy – the Sourcing with Respect Guidelines – in place, Emery Oleochemicals wanted a cloud-based solution to start measuring suppliers’ adherence to expectations. While selected suppliers sign the Guidelines on initial receipt, Emery Oleochemicals wanted to ensure continual adherence, and to understand where areas of non-compliance and thus potential high risk lay – as well as to identify which suppliers were going above and beyond compliance.

Ecodesk was selected by Emery Oleochemicals to engage, collect and analyse supplier responses to the Sourcing with Respect Guidelines Self-Assessment – a cloud-based survey format of the policy accessed through the Ecodesk platform. The Self-Assessment includes core, required questions as well as additional questions across a range of Environmental, Social and Governance issue areas. To reduce the reporting burden for suppliers, evidencing certain certifications (for example ISO 14001) exempts suppliers from completing question areas considered covered by that certification. Suppliers also have the option to populate their Ecodesk profile with certain responses not specific to Emery Oleochemicals. Responses shared to the profile can then be shared to multiple other clients – reducing supplier survey fatigue.

With a custom built online dashboard, Emery Oleochemicals can login to Ecodesk at any time to view response rates and a breakdown of supplier responses.

The first year of capturing responses to the Self-Assessment enabled Emery Oleochemicals to establish a baseline of compliance, start measuring performance across key metrics, and also to understand both willingness and capability of suppliers to participate in such an initiative. High risk suppliers were identified, enabling Emery Oleochemicals to focus resources on working with higher risk suppliers to improve capability and performance. Best performing suppliers were also identified and recognised among category teams.

As suppliers’ compliance and performance continues to be measured over time, Emery Oleochemicals can identify trends across different supplier categories, geographies and issue areas, and identify the most critical areas – and suppliers – to focus resources to reduce risk.

August 8th, 2016

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