Under the Supplier Engagement tab, go to ‘List Management’ and you will be taken to a table which will initially not be populated. You can manually add suppliers by clicking ‘New Entry’ and searching for the specific company on the system. Once you add a supplier, they will be added to your table. If you then click on the ‘Sustainability Analysis’ tab, they will appear in your supplier data table, along with any profile information they have entered. They will also be sent an automated email to tell them that you have added them as a supplier.

You can also automate the process of adding your suppliers by using our Automated Onboarding section. This allows you to upload many spreadsheets with contact information of your suppliers, and allows you to write the bespoke email which will be sent out to the suppliers. You will also be able to keep track of their responses via the Onboarding Section. The automation is available to Premium Enterprise and Global Enterprise clients only.

Posted in: Supply Chain and Onboarding

August 20th, 2013