I want to add a 2nd Conflict Minerals for the same year, the 2nd form will be used for a different client as it only relates to a single product rather than my whole company

Conflict Minerals forms are part of the data associated with a profile. You control access to forms by controlling which clients can access each of your profiles. You will need to setup a 2nd profile and add the new form to this profile. This can be achieved by the following steps below:

    1. Select My Menu -> Company -> Administration from the main menu.

    1. Press the ‘Add Profile’ button and add a 2nd profile, make sure that you give it a name that reflects the new scope i.e. Green Recycle Solar Panel Division

    1. Press ‘Switch Profile’ to select your new profile and add the new form to this profile.


  1. The final step is to press ‘Add Customer’ in client management to provide your client access to this profile and form.

Note: Don’t give your client access to your original profile otherwise they will see both conflict minerals forms.

Posted in: Conflict Minerals

December 16th, 2013