Yes, we have implemented a workflow system that will email each of your suppliers and request that they complete a profile. Your suppliers can respond to the email and the system will track their progress, sending follow-up reminders at regular intervals.

Follow these steps to start the process

  1. Go to ‘Supply Chain’ → ‘Supplier Engagement’ → ‘Email Templates’ and click ‘New Entry’. Here you can add your template name and message, as well and select the language. You can create multiple messages for different supplier groups, as well as different templates for introduction, reminder and thank you messages
  2. Once you are happy with your messaging, go to the ‘Email Schedules’ tab and select ‘New Entry’. Select the email templates you would like to use in your messaging flow and the frequency of emails to be sent
  3. Next, go to ‘List Management’. Select ‘Upload’ and download our sample spreadsheet. Add your supplier details to this spreadsheet keeping to the present format, i.e., don’t change the order of the columns. When the file is uploaded, add it to your messaging schedule and select your messaging start and end date. When you are ready, set your list as ‘Active’
  4. Your email will now be sent to each company and they will be chased by email until they have completed your request or declined to do so

Posted in: Supply Chain and Onboarding

May 17th, 2013