The factor tells the system the percentage of your emissions that relate to the goods or services that you purchase. The simplest way to calculate factor is to work out the percentage you spend with the supplier as a percentage of their total revenue.

For example: Bath Estates has a total sales revenue quoted in their accounts of $500,000, if you purchase goods from Bath Estates with a total value of $50,000 the factor is 10% (50,000/500,000).

Your supplier should enter a factor into their profile as part of your sustainability data request, however if this section has not been completed, an estimate can be entered into your supply chain in order to gain a fuller understanding on the proportion of their impacts that relate to you. Navigate to your Supply Chain tab where you will see your list of suppliers. Next, click on the Action button against the supplier, and select Factor, where you will be able to enter your percentage.

Posted in: Supply Chain and Onboarding

May 17th, 2013