Creating the future of smarter ESG driven decision-making.

We are data experts who make it easier, faster, more flexible and less expensive for any organisation to get the data they need to make smarter ESG driven decisions.

Environmental, Social and Governance factors are rapidly becoming core to decision making across all sectors of the economy.

They determine how investors allocate capital, enterprises organise their value chains and regulations take shape.

But making smart ESG driven decisions is difficult. This is because the ESG landscape is rapidly and constantly evolving with a growing volume of standards, regulations and stakeholder expectations. Understanding and interpreting these is a huge challenge for any organisation.

ESG factors represent risk and opportunity.

Risk leads to exposure that can have a profound negative impact on reputation, capital values and licence to operate.

Opportunity does the opposite, as ESG leaders enjoy enhanced reputation, higher valuations, revenues and margin.

That’s why we’ve spent more than 10 years developing the expertise, processes and platform to solve this problem.

We are data experts who help organisations develop the expertise and capabilities they need to make smarter ESG driven decisions. We make it easier, faster, more reliable and less expensive to collect and analyse ESG data.

We do this through a software platform that combines flexibility with power and consistency to capture the ESG data you’re interested in.

You no longer have to take what you’re given; you can now decide what you want and we will help you to get it.


Our software platform and services are used by more than 12,500 organisations in 100 countries and our clients include Abel & Cole, AstraZeneca, Danske Bank, Mattel and Pfizer.


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