Ecodesk Horizon Foundation Programme

We help organisations like yours develop the capabilities you need to make smarter ESG driven decisions.

The Challenge

The global landscape of non-financial ESG data disclosure is complex and fragmented.

Increasing pressure to disclose to multiple audiences without defined standards is time consuming, difficult and expensive.

The result is ‘survey fatigue’ with poor response rates, low quality data and no meaningful benchmarking

The Solution

The solution is to drive convergence, relevance and trust in ESG data and share impact trajectories to enable smarter decision making.

This will ensure greater standardisation and consistency coupled with less effort and more confidence in the data.

This is what we do with our ESG data collection and analysis platform Ecodesk Horizon.

Ecodesk Horizon is a ground breaking platform that changes the dynamics of ESG data analysis and positive impact strategies.

It’s based on a solid foundation of success with what we’ve learned from previous generations of the Ecodesk platform.

The latest thinking and design will deliver an advanced user interface and flexibility built in for surveys, analytics and performance improvement.

The open architecture also means technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence will make predictive analytics and scenario planning a reality.

And by connecting to the Reporting Exchange and other industry initiatives, it becomes an ESG data hub that enables easier alignment with global ESG standards, legislation and reporting requirements.

Key features

  • Completely redesigned and built from the ground up incorporating a decade of experience.
  • Gorgeous new UI that people will love to use.
  • Intuitive user experience that’s simple to learn and easy to use; requires limited training which means rapid adoption.
  • New tools make it simpler, easier and faster to build and complete customised surveys.
  • Customisable dashboards and powerful new analytics engine presents data in many different formats for smarter ESG driven decision-making.
  • Guaranteed transition path from previous generation Ecodesk platform.


As part of the launch, we’ve created the Ecodesk Horizon Foundation Programme. This is an invitation only programme that gives selected organisations the ability to work with us to shape the future of ESG decision making. 

As a member of the Ecodesk Horizon Foundation Programme you’ll enjoy three very special privileges. These will not be available to anyone else after the programme has closed.

Early access

The first Beta release of Ecodesk Horizon is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018. This will contain essential features that will replicate the current functionality available in the current Ecodesk platform – Version 9. General availability will be from mid-2019.

A seat on the Advisory Committee.

You can influence how Ecodesk Horizon will develop by helping us to shape future thinking. You’ll meet with us twice a year to share your thoughts, experiences and ideas. You’ll be at the forefront of thinking as we shape the future of ESG data analysis and reporting together.

Unrepeatable commercial terms.

As a member of the Ecodesk Horizon Foundation Programme,  we’ll offer you preferential terms. And the best bit is that you can lock into this business model for life!


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