Our offering


Survey software that gets to the heart of ESG risks, issues, and performance throughout your value chain

ESG data for tomorrow's world

Horizon is a cloud-based platform for enterprises to gather, verify and report supply chain source data.
Assess suppliers to benchmark ESG performance, validate data, verify actions, and report progress.
Receive data outputs that inform more effective strategies, drive targeted programs, and deliver sustainable improvements.
Where you have sustainability targets you can create baselines, continuous measurement strategies and prepare disclosure ready information.
Where you want to improve sustainability performance, we help you scope and build meaningful supplier impact campaigns.
Risk identification
Where you have supply chain risk concerns you can retrieve source data to identify, pinpoint and reduce upstream risk.
Industry alignment
Where your industry seeks to improve ESG performance throughout a shared value chain, suppliers can easily participate for any number of their clients

Designed for every data point

Create a survey that collects the right data for you. Pick and choose from our established question modules curated to get to the root of the data and identify the maturity of your suppliers, add your own bespoke questions, or make your own entire question set with the help of our expert team.

Carbon footprint

Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions
Fuel and energy breakdown
Apportionment of impact to the client

Workplace practices

Health and safety procedures
Worker rights and protections
Forced labour prevention

Business Ethics

Formal policy review and unlimited uploads
Bribery and corruption review
Internal procedures

Science based targets

Target type and rigor
Engagement and trajectory
Public commitment

Community impact

Engagement and support
Impact monitoring and management
Charitable giving

Risk management

Regulatory alignment
Identification, assessment and monitoring
Procedures and documentation

Flexible by design

A wide range of features to help close the gap between you and your value chain, to deliver tangible data
Providing the platform for free to suppliers removes a significant barrier to gathering the data you need
Align to any standard or framework on your ESG roadmap, including CDP, GRI, ISO, and B Corp, that reflect your own targets and goals.
High response rates
We work with your suppliers to upskill them, ensuring they complete the survey with correct and relevant data.
Quality assurance
Checking data flags and verifying supporting documentation or uploads
Access to raw data
Access to download all the data for your own analysis and reporting requirements
‘One-click’ copy functionality
Reduce input fatigue