How We Work

Our goal is to make sure that you get the best return from your investment in Ecodesk.

Delivering Results

We do this by appointing a Client Manager (CM) who has overall responsibility for all aspects of our mutual business relationship.

Working with the Client Manager is a dedicated Programme Manager (PM). The PM is responsible for defining programmes that help you to achieve your goals. They are the Ecodesk solution experts who understand how our platform can be used to help you get the best results.

They are responsible for developing ESG surveys, training users, contacting respondents to be assessed and helping you to interpret the results.

A Proven Process

The way we work is based on many years’ experience and is designed to ensure a consistently high response rate to a survey.

There are six steps to the process.


Define the ESG metrics to focus on

Our platform covers 230 ESG indicators as standard. This usually covers most cases but it can also be extended to incorporate specific client requests. The key here is to only collect data which is materially beneficial.

Identify which organisations you want the data from

This determines which indicators are most appropriate. Some respondents may already have fulfilled other requests, so their data may already be available.

Create the survey

This can be done from a standard set of questions using our expansive survey repository. It can also be modified for specific needs.

Contact and engage

Contact each organisation using in-built tools and personal communication where necessary to ensure they respond. Unlike other solutions, with Ecodesk, responders pay no fee. This coupled with our communications plan results in a consistently high response rate.

Analyse the data

This provides a clear view of performance improvements that can drive long term value.

Monitor performance

And when this is done you'll want to use the data to continuously monitor performance to identify areas of future growth.


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