The development of a supply chain sustainability programme requires a combination of expertise and here at Ecodesk we don't solely rely on the software to help you achieve your goals. It is all about the combination of our people & partners, our cloud platform and our processes. Please read on to find out more.

Project Support

We understand supply chain sustainability programme development can be hard so we have assembled a network of industry partners, in-house data acquisition specialists and project managers to deliver tangible results based supply chain improvements. Project support extends beyond our software and covers the facilitation of an entire end to end supply chain sustainability programme.

Here at Ecodesk we see supply chain sustainability programme development splitting into three distinct steps – each with its own complexities.

Step 1: Identifying the suppliers to engage: Ecodesk can recommend a partner to work with or help you rationalise your own supply chain using our own experience engaging supply chains for some of the Fortune 500 and FTSE100 businesses. During rationalisation of suppliers any prior supply chain risk assessments carried out by you are very useful.

Step 2: Supply chain data acquisition: Automated communications, active account management follow up via email and telephone combined with our intuitive and user friendly platform ensure survey fatigue is reduced. Suppliers love that they can enter data once FREE of charge and share with all their customers and stakeholders.

Step 3: Change management: Ecodesk's analytics act as the foundation for change management in your supply chain. Corrective Action Plans on a per supplier basis provides insight into where and what your supply chain should improve on. Our analysis and audit partner network is on tap provide third party data assurances and recommend any further data collection activities. Our technology and change programme partner network can also recommend specific programmes for performance improvements.

To find out how we can help solve the complexity of supply chain sustainability for you please complete our enquiry form or drop us a call and our business development team will run you through our market offering.

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Crowd Sourced Question Repository

One of Ecodesk's primary goals is to reduce survey fatigue for the reporting of non-financial metrics. In driving towards this goal the underlying technology has been developed to connect a sophisticated survey tool with 'crowd sourcing' functionality. Enabling you to integrate your own questions and feed aggregated outputs into a range of third-party applications. Data acquisition rates and verification are optimised through the use of 'smart reporting tags' to drive question standardisation and significantly reduce survey fatigue.

Capture data about specific questions reported in your format both throughout the supply chain and for your operational performance and compliance. Ecodesk's crowd-sourcing approach is driving process efficiencies for sustainability and procurement professionals so, why not join the crowd and see for yourself?

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Dashboards, Reports & Recommendations

Our data collection process is facilitated by our question repository with results in response rates exceeding on average over 70% with some of our clients obtaining more than 90%. Naturally, the data must be usable. Our dashboards and flexible analytics ensure the story behind the data can be deciphered.

Ecodesk's Corrective Action Plans and Scorecards act as supplier feedback mechanisms and improvement prompts ensuring the supplier is receiving a 'reward' for entering the data. Ecodesk's extensive partner network delivers clear performance improvement programme strategies and can also recommend further data collection requirements. Supplier scorecards and analytics are sourced from our analytics library which can all be downloaded in Excel or image formats for further reporting. All of this and more considered with you in mind enabling you to set user centric scoring methodologies and supplier comparisons.

Customer Feedback Reports provide insights into how the supply chain is performing relative to the rest. Deeper dive analysis can also be produced ensuring risk monitoring is truly focused and opportunities are exploited. Contact us to find out more.

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Sustainability data management, associated risk identification and regulatory compliance are central tenets of building a responsible business that is fit for the future. Ecodesk technology and commercial structures have integration at the core. Whether it's connecting to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Business Intelligence (BI) software or proprietary platforms Ecodesk has a solution that is enterprise-ready.

Built from the ground-up you can rely upon Ecodesk's in-house team to liaise, manage and execute against a full suite of APIs to ensure that your operations, reporting and management systems are 100% supported. Handling upstream or downstream data flows and connecting native or web applications is managed by resident developers with experiences in all aspects of agile processes and integration.

Our integrated solutions ensure that your supply chain sustainability programme is optimised for your current status quo and future proofed as the business landscape evolves. Integration options with your existing infrastructure or with our partners for Step 1 and Step 3 of our Project Support programmes make working with Ecodesk a breeze.

Looking to find out more about how we can help your business or simply curious? Why not get in contact?

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Here's what our clients are saying

We have chosen Ecodesk because it provides a simple and cost effective way to report our data and track that of our suppliers and customers. The supply chain dashboard is a great tool, which will help us make informed procurement decisions.

Neil Baldwin, Operations Development Manager, Acorn Waste Management

GSK has chosen to report its carbon, water and waste emissions openly via Ecodesk and we are asking our suppliers to do the same. GSK’s ambition to improve its supplier sustainability will see it preference suppliers willing to come on that journey.

Matt Wilson, Supply Chain Sustainability Leader, GlaxoSmithKline

Our procurement and sustainable development teams will be working with Ecodesk to ensure that suppliers are taking their environmental metrics seriously, utilising them as an opportunity to create cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Katy Mills, Group Head of Procurement at Places for People

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Client spotlight

GSK – embedding sustainability into the business with Ecodesk

GSK is one of the world's leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, developing and supplying medicines to a global market. The company employs more than 97,000 people in over 100 countries and has an extensive worldwide supply chain. One third of GSK’s carbon impact comes from raw materials.


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