Ecodesk Solution

We provide a software platform and services to collect the data that any organisation must have to make smarter ESG driven decisions.

There are two types of user of Ecodesk services;


Who want to assess key ESG data metrics. This could be from clients, suppliers, partners or your internal business functions.


Who provide that data, usually by responding to questions in a survey.

The whole process is managed through the Ecodesk platform where data is gathered, presented and analysed. This provides the foundation from which those smarter ESG driven decisions can be made.

Software Platform

  • Software-as-a-Service model accessible through any web browser
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Secure with guaranteed uptime to ensure access to data when you need it
  • Data collected through Self Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs) based on 230 ESG indicators from our inbuilt Question Repository
  • Aligned to global ESG frameworks to cover all subject areas
  • Fully customised and client specific questions can be easily added
  • Scorecards and benchmarking against user defined criteria
  • Multiple data analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) to identify areas of positive impact opportunities
  • Full online help and support for all users
  • Built to easily integrate with other enterprise software tools via industry standard interfaces

Professional Services

We provide professional services to help you get the best results from using Ecodesk. We also provide on-going support through a dedicated Client Manager.

To ensure we deliver the right level of service, we provide a ‘Solution Definition Workshop’. This is a one-day event that can be run remotely. We go through a structured process to;

  • Understand and confirm your goals
  • Clarify who you want to assess (respondents)
  • Assess the strength of relationship you have with respondents
  • The goal is to deliver a consistently high response rate, because this will provide the data you need to make those smarter ESG driven decisions
  • Our experience shows a correlation between the strength of relationship and the response rate
  • So, we’ve developed a model to determine this. We map the results against 3 categories – strong, average and weak. This is then aggregated to provide an accurate estimate of the time, effort and cost required to achieve a high level of response
  • You can learn more about this process by visiting ‘How We Work’

Business Model

We have a ‘Value in Use’ model where fees depend on how extensively our platform and services are used.

Requestors pay fees based on their usage whilst respondents can access the platform and upload their data free of charge.

Please get in touch to learn more about fee structure.


The software platform is being continuously developed. Learn more about 'Ecodesk Horizon' here.

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