Our platform and managed services are founded on three key principles of relevance, convergence and trust.

We are committed to only collecting the data that matters. This is how we align our clients' ESG disclosures to their preffered ESG frameworks and standards and deliver data fit for any supply-chain ESG purpose.

Whatever is material to your business, we secure the relevant data from relevant suppliers using converged standards and questions, and deliver data that you and your stakeholders can trust.

Data collection

Ecodesk Horizon is a cloud platform for enterprises to gather, verify and report supply chain source data through an easy-to-use survey assessment. This is not just a ranking, it provides detailed analyses on which to base specific actions.

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Expert management

Professional services to help you get the best data for your targets. A ‘Solution Definition’ one-day workshop at the outset focuses on understanding and confirming your goals and is managed through on-going support with a dedicated Client Manager.

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Performance improvement

Both elements of data collection and performance improvement provide your supply chain with actionable recomendations for change.

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